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Why is your application so long?

We want to get to know our adopters on the front end. The more information we have, the better we can determine if an Aussie is a good match for your lifestyle and if so, find that perfect Aussie.

Your fees seem high, why does it cost so much for a rescue?

When you adopt from ARMA, your Aussie will be fully vetted and if the appropriate age, spayed and neutered. The $10 application fee and adoption fee is a FRACTION of the vetting costs that a new owner would pay.

Where does ARMA find Aussies for adoption?

We have shelter partners with whom we work — they will contact us if an Aussie is turned in. We are also contacted by Aussie owners, who for various reasons, have determined they can no longer care for their Aussie and ask for our help.

I saw that ARMA also works with other rescues and has Aussies on referral. Do I still pay the ARMA adoption fee if my Aussie comes from one of your partners?

No, if your Aussie comes from an ARMA rescue partner you pay their fees. If your Aussie was on referral and with its original owner, we ask that you make a $150 donation to ARMA.

How long will it take to find me a great Aussie?

It could take days, weeks or months, which is why we encourage our pre-approval process so we can keep an eye out for that perfect fit!

What happens if it doesn’t work out with me and my adopted Aussie?

Part of the ARMA adoption contract requires that if for any reason you cannot keep your Aussie, it comes back to us.


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