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Aussie Rescue of the Mid-Atlantic (ARMA) is a group of Aussie loving (and owning) volunteers in Virginia, Maryland and DC.  Our number one goal is to find “Aussome” Aussies the perfect home. We met through our dogs and appreciate their unique and fun-loving personalities. We also know that Aussies are not for everyone. We’ve seen too many Aussies that were given up because of the wrong owner, the wrong time, the wrong expectations or the wrong training. Conversely, we’ve witnessed how the right owner, the right time, the right expectations and the right training will allow an Aussie to live the life it deserves.  

Each of us has witnessed the joy of Aussie rescue and its many forms – the smile of an Aussie once released from a shelter; the affection shown when the dog senses it’s cared for; the full wiggle butt when the perfect match is made; and the holiday card with the perfectly posed Aussie front and center.

We think of ARMA not as rescue, but as a community – a community of resources and support for Aussies and new owners. Our application and adoption process reflects these beliefs. Both processes allow us to get to know you and work with you to find your Aussome Aussie. We look forward to welcoming you to the ARMA community.


What We Do

Rescue Aussies

We take in both owner surrender and shelter Aussies to help find them the perfect homes.


Fosters are the foundation of rescues. At ARMA, we strive to create a supportive and engaging foster program.


We understand that Aussies aren’t for every home or every stage of an owner’s life. Our referral program lets you help select a new home.

Find Perfect homes

If life circumstances require that you need to rehome your Aussie, ARMA can bring your dog into our foster program.

$35 Saves a Life

Can we be candid? Rescue is expensive! Your contribution of any amount helps ARMA provide medical care and food for Aussies in our Foster Program. Your contribution also helps defray costs associated with shelter fees and transportation.

Adopt & Foster

At ARMA you can adopt an Aussome Aussie through two different programs — Adopt and Foster to Adopt. If you’re THINKING about adopting an Aussie within the next YEAR, we encourage you to apply and get pre-approved.


“I am just so amazed by everyone at ARMA. You didn’t just have us sign papers and leave us on our own. You have helped us every step of the way and it has made the difference to help us and Echo through this transition. Your connections to valuable resources supported us every step of the way and were spot on. You have helped us make this wonderful dog into the most amazing addition to our family. We cannot thank you enough!”

Echo, Lisa & Keith

A huge thank you to ARMA for matching this beautiful girl with us. She is smart, funny, sweet, fun, and helping us heal from the loss of our beloved Aussie mix Kat. She makes us laugh every day. Hazel is perfect for us. We adore her! ❤

Hazel, Beth & Ralph