Adoption Application

You are about to take the first step towards finding a wonderful Australian Shepherd!


Aussie Rescue of the Mid Atlantic (ARMA) is an all-volunteer organization. Our goal is to REVIEW your application within one week of receiving it. Please note that we will not process every application. If we do not respond to your application, it means we are not able to process it.

If we choose to process your application, which means we believe we are able to work with you to find your perfect Aussie, we will assign your application to a volunteer. Processing applications requires many hours of volunteer time, so it is important that everyone involved is committed and patient. When approved, your application will remain active for one year

While we do not guarantee that you will be selected for the dog for which you applied, if your application is approved, ARMA will work with you to find your perfect match – either through our organization or one of our partner organizations. Thank you for supporting rescued Aussies and applying to adopt with ARMA!

Please take your time when completing this adoption application. The application is the first step in the ARMA approval process and your application may not be accepted based on incomplete information and/or your responses. The application is the beginning of getting to know you. Once we receive your application and your references are checked, a home visit will be scheduled. If during the application and adoption process inaccurate or false information is given, your application will be denied. ARMA will not process applications for homes that utilize electric fences.

Foster to Adopt

At ARMA, we believe that every Aussie can find its perfect home, but we can’t save Aussies without foster homes. If you would like to be considered for our Foster to Adopt program, please email [email protected] with your interest.

Apply for Pre-Approval

Once approved, ARMA will keep your application active for one year, so if you’re hoping to adopt within a one-year timeframe, we encourage you to apply and keep your application active.

We will work hard to find the right Aussie for you. Therefore, the ARMA adoption process can take days, weeks or even months. Please keep in mind that while we are excited for you to join our community, our focus and priority are the Aussies we rescue and place.

Once we receive your application, you’ll be contacted by a volunteer to confirm that we can proceed to processing. Following that initial contact, we will begin reaching out to your veterinarian, personal references and any trainers you’ve listed. If you have not previously owned a pet and don’t have a veterinarian or a trainer, that’s ok, but please be prepared to discuss your understanding of necessary routine vet care and veterinary expenses. Part of your adoption agreement will also be a training program with an ARMA-approved positive reinforcement trainer. 

ARMA works primarily in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, but will consider adopters outside of our area. If you live outside our area please email us at [email protected] BEFORE you apply.

Adoption Fees

There is a a $450 adoption fee for puppies (6 months and under); a $350 fee for young Aussies (7 months – 9 years); and a $250 fee for Senior Aussies (10 years and older).

Note: All ARMA Aussies are evaluated for behavior and fully vetted. Each Aussie’s full medical and evaluation profile will be provided to the potential adopter. All records will be transferred to the owner upon adoption.


Adoption Application